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Sunday, 10 April 2011

snap snap!

alhamdulillah...finally finish perform the show completely...i xberlakon cz work as SM for de show..lots probs,conflicts,kerenah+++..biasela,work wif many people yg xadik-beradik ngn i...hu3..my words to frendz "kan senang kalo semoe same binti ngn aku...."
me n mieje yg dtg lmbt cket cz i lmbt bgn tdo...rushing to back stage to see actress n actors..fuyooo!gile gempak..cntek sgt diorg makeup...sygla..xsmpat amek pics diorg..thnx for make up crew..u all did great job...urm,our turn for de show is second...but be the third cz let the goges tarian perform dlue...fuhhh..penat gile berlari ke sana sini cz stage at de hall cannot directly go to left n right wings of de stage...n then, our show ''IRONI KASIH" perform nicely n successfully...wow!hebat la semua...plus,thnx for shima cz tangkap muat...pitcha during de show xsempat amek...but kitorg snap snap for all gegurl GGJ after de show plus minum cool blog..suke bangat!!!...hehe GGJ= secret name of us....it's private!!!Blurp!blurp!blurp!!!!


jgn pening~~~~

lentokkan kepala anda to see this pitchas

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