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Thursday, 28 April 2011

exam fever begin!!

fuhh..finally finsh my advnture class for dis semester...alhamdulillah...urm,but still not yet fnish cz have exams for next month....urgggg!!!2#%****223e**$!!....want to go home but can't go home..bebudak laen kecoh3 g balek umh arnie,but i?still in this jungle....blablablabla..sabar jela..now begin the more more advnture task in my life...EXAMINATIONS!!!plz help me..not ready for dis coming disaster..grrrr,dis sem more dffcult than the previous sem..maybe more of the subjects are quite tough..
i guess to do best but mountain of lazy to studying..ade sesape nk tlg jwbkan exam behalf of i x???kikiki...kan best camtue kalo bdk2 genius yg mcm nerd tlg jawabkn exam untuk i.....lallalaa....gembirenyer hidupku kalo fairytale tue happen....urm,i dh mule bubbling n merepek entah pape nie...so,why don't u all lets ur eyes see my checklist for this moment..thnx!

my checklists pada saat ini:
report ✕(one more)
vampire diaries season 2 ep20 
wash clothes 
~good luck for any students during examinations...wish me luck too..muahxxx!muahxxx!~SILA LIKE www.tips-fb.com

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